05.11 Linux x86 wallet released

27.10 Mac Wallet now available for download.

09.10 Another wallet update with minor design and overall stability fixes.

08.10 Press release text posted. Negotiations about placement in progress.

05.10 Wallet has been updated.

04.10 WebSite source code published.

30.09 Ad listing website updated.

30.09 Ad Listing website is up at.

28.09 Twitter tip bot is up. It gives you some free Craigs if you put your Craig address, cashtag $CRAIG and link Bitcointalk thread in your twit text. If you are new to Craig, tipbot will give you just enough to post your free ad and test the coin functionality.

27.09 I have decided to launch this coin buyback as I want to get more exposure to CraigsCoin future and also might need some CRAIG for promotional purposes (e.g. tipbot). The buyback is capped at 5 BTC and will be completed in the coming days. After completion screenshots that confirm the buyback will be provided. Any future buybacks will be announced in due course. 1 BTC Bought. 4 BTC left.

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